Special Events

SAVE THE DATE!!  Our second Church Picnic this year in combination with the Church Picnics of the Pultneyville United Methodist Church will be held on Sunday, September 9th at 1:00 pm.

The location will be the Town Park in Williamson.

We are looking forward to a large gathering of our church members and their families for Food, Fellowship & Fun!


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Who is John Wesley??

John Wesley is the founder, along with his brother Charles, of the Methodist movement. He challenged the Anglican church, cared for the poor, and connected faith with personal accountability. We bet you’ll learn and chuckle as Chuck talks about John Wesley.

Chuck Knows Church: The Original Series aims to interpret the objects, symbols, and terms we often hear in church. Each video features “Chuck” who helps us learn more about our church while inviting us to have deeper conversation with our pastor.

Click this link to watch the video:


This video was produced by Discipleship Ministries in Nashville, TN.
For more information, contact Chuck Knows Church. 

After watching the video, feel free to check out the different pages and articles on the United Methodist Church website where the video is located.  There is a wealth of interesting information!