Special Events


We are having a fundraiser for our Food Pantry on October 6th from 5 pm to 8 pm.  Please consider supporting this fundraiser with your presence  or purchase a ticket for someone you know would enjoy going to a Daddy & Daughter Dance.

More details can be found by clicking this link for the poster:

Fall Fling Fundraiser Advertising Poster




Who we are…..

…supporters of the wellness of our community with weekly free meals and food assistance packages through local donations and our relationship with Food Link.


…people who express the Love of God through Prayer,  Compassion, and the Action of Helping with each other and our neighbors.  We are family during the entire week – not just Sundays.


…a congregation blessed with several bakers and baker trainees  who make delicious homemade pies for a few of our yearly fundraisers – yummy!

… comforters to those who are in need of healing and compassion when we give them our hand made Prayer Shawls. Our congregation prays over each shawl and, sometimes, the receiver of the shawl.  Each of our shawls include our special tags (as shown in the picture).

 Our worship services are held on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.  Come and discover the Power of Prayer and find Joy in coming together with others to feel the presence of Jesus Christ!




This is under construction.


Who is John Wesley??

John Wesley is the founder, along with his brother Charles, of the Methodist movement. He challenged the Anglican church, cared for the poor, and connected faith with personal accountability. We bet you’ll learn and chuckle as Chuck talks about John Wesley.

Chuck Knows Church: The Original Series aims to interpret the objects, symbols, and terms we often hear in church. Each video features “Chuck” who helps us learn more about our church while inviting us to have deeper conversation with our pastor.

Click this link to watch the video:


This video was produced by Discipleship Ministries in Nashville, TN.
For more information, contact Chuck Knows Church. 

After watching the video, feel free to check out the different pages and articles on the United Methodist Church website where the video is located.  There is a wealth of interesting information!