Comforting, Preaching & Feeding

PRAYER SHAWL CLOSET – Folks within our fellowship of believers, as well as those who support our ministry from their homes, blend their knitting and crocheting talents together to keep our Prayer Shawl Closet flowing with shawls. As the shawl is being crafted, prayers are said for the person who is to receive the shawl.  Sometimes the name of that person is known and other times the shawl is being made for an unknown person who will be in need of spiritual support once the shawl is completed.  Before the shawl is placed in our prayer shawl closet or given directly to the person in need, the shawl is presented to Reverend Ewart G. Morris and the congregation for a final prayer of blessing and comfort.

Prayer Shawl

Please use the contact information form at the bottom of this page if your are interested in helping to craft a shawl or you know of a person in need of spiritual support. Prayer shawl patterns and ideas can be found on our Prayer Shawl Ministry Pinterest board –

BLOSSOM VIEW WORSHIP SERVICE – On the third Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm, Bob Hale conducts a short worship service for the residents of Blossom View Nursing Home in the main Activities Room of the facility.  The service is made up of an interactive sermon, prayer requests and coverage, along with the ever popular activity of singing several of the old time Hymns. Helpers are always needed to assist residents with the Hymn handouts and giving out plenty of smiles!

TAKING MEALS TO MEMBERS –  Sometimes our members can use a helping hand in the meal department from other members of our church when they experience the loss of a loved one, a spouse is in the hospital, a new baby joins the household, a family member is undergoing medical treatments or similar situations where a prepared meal delivered to their doorstep would be wonderful.

In those situations, our Prayer Card Coordinator, Carolyn, or our Website Administrator, Christina, can be contacted about the person in need to set up a meal delivery sign up page on the website

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