Your Daily Dose

“No Regrets – Choose Life”

“No Regrets – Store Up Your Treasures in Heaven”

“No Regrets – Avoid Entanglement of Sin”

“No Regrets – Modeling Love and Faith”


“Monday – No Regrets”

“No Solidarity Christians”

“You Are Created for Amazement”


“Do You Doubt that Jesus Lives?”

Do you ever find yourself needing a mid week boost?  A message that might speak to your heart and soul?  An uplifting word to get you through the rest of a day that you pray would come to an end sooner than later?  Listen in….let God speak to your heart.

“So, What’s God’s Amazing Plan for You?”

“No Bells Ringing on Good Friday”

“Who is Jesus to You?”


“Hope of Easter”


“Easter Sunrise is Coming”

“What Amazing Thing is God Asking You to Do?”

“Dry Docked”


“God’s Grace….Because You Can’t Save Yourself”

“Burn the Ark, Trust God”


“Surprise of Generosity”


“Surprise!  God Winks”

“Get Back on Track”

“Take Off Your Ray-Bans”

“Uniquely Created by God”

“Legacy of Faith – Hope”


“Clear out the Junk in Your Heart”

“Follow God’s Manual”


“Are You a Fool?  I am!”


“Encourage One Another”


“One Fish, Two Fish…”

“You are a Delight to God”


“Walk with the Lord”


“Let Jesus Take the Wheel”


“Family Stories of Faith”


“Do You Trust God When He Make You Wait?”


“What Do You Think about in the Shower?”


“You are Summoned”

“Ash Wednesday”


“What’s Strove Tuesday?”


“Nurture Love”


“Pray for One Another”


“Love Produces Peace”


“We Love Because He First Loved Us”


“Take a Guide Along Life’s Journey”



“Take Your Knots to Jesus”

“God Cares for You in the Storms”


“Be Prepared for…Unexpected Storms”

“Be Prepared”


“Do You See God’s Possibilities in the Impossible?”


“Who Do You See in the Mirror?”


“WHO Do You See?”


“What Do You See?”







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Thursday, January 21, 2021

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